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Trek Schedules for Students:

As a student, you necessarily have less flexible vacation schedules. Additionally, the Himalayan trekking season offers two relatively narrow windows of opportunity, late summer in India (May-June), and post-Monsoon season (September-October). However, these two schedules do overlap.

If you are studying in the semester system, your summer vacation will most likely begin in mid-May. You may conveniently make use of the pre-Monsoon trek season that ends in mid-June. If you are in the quarter system, your classes would generally begin at the end of September. In that case, you may choose to trek in the second and third weeks of September which is the beginning of the post-Monsoon trek season. Since these periods occur right at the beginning or at the end of summer, you can accommodate them along with other commitments such as internships.

Trips to wildlife reserves can also be scheduled in similar slots.

Our customizable packages and competitive prices continue to be very popular with students. We offer a 5% discount on our regular low package prices right away with valid student identification card or document. Reserve a trip or trek with us now for an exciting and interesting experience to relate to your friends when school starts. Better still, bring some of your friends along for the adventure, and get further discounts on the package price!

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