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Puri-Konarak-Chilka-Gopalpur Tour

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Puri is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site famous for the 12th century Lord Jagannath temple. This seaside resort town is situated in Orissa on the eastern coastline of India. Puri has one of the best sea beaches in India, where the soothing waters of Bay of Bengal cleanses the weariness of traveling souls. Many historical places like the Sun Temple at Konarak, the rock caves at Udaigiri & Khandagiri (from the first century BC), and the rock edicts of King Ashoka at Dhauli are located around Puri, and are some of the major attractions. Gopalpur, another small beautiful beach resort, is situated at a distance of 132 miles from Puri. The deep and clear waters of Bay of Bengal with its white surf splashing on the golden sands makes Gopalpur a unique tranquil and serene beach resort.

These places can be visited throughout the year. Ratha yatra is the main festival in the month of July.

Tour Schedule :
Day 1 - Arrival at Delhi/Kolkata and transfer to hotel (Night halt)
Day 2 - Flight to Bhubaneshwar and travel to Puri by car (Night halt)
Day 3 - Whole day at Puri and night halt
Day 4 - Visit to Konarak, Udaigiri and Khandagiri night halt at Puri
Day 5 - Stay at Puri
Day 6 - Visit to Chilka Lake / night halt at Puri
Day 7 - Travel to Gopalpur by car (Night halt)
Day 8 - At Gopalpur
Day 9 - Travel to Bhubaneshwar (Night halt)
Day 10- Flight to Delhi /Kolkata and transfer to hotel.

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