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Pindari-Kafni Glacier Trek

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This is the most accesible and perhaps the most beautiful glacier in the Kumaon region. Pindari is located at and altitude of 12600 ft. The Pindari Glacier is about two miles long and is connected to the southwestern slope of the outer wall of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The peaks that are visible from the glacier are Nandakat and Pawaluidwar, both of which are more than 20000 ft high. The trekking route from Song to Pindari Glacier is 30 miles long. The other picturesque route on this trek is the Kafni Glacier. It is a nine- mile trek from Dwali, where trekkers halt on the penultimate night on the way to Pindari Glacier.

The best time to trek on this route is between May and June, and between the middle of September to November.

Tour Schedule :
Day 1 - Arrival at Delhi and transfer to hotel (Night halt).
Day 2 - Travel to Bageshwar by car/train (Night halt).
Day 3 - Travel to Song by car and trek to Loharkhet (2 miles from Song- night halt)
Day 4 - Trek to Khati(12 Miles-night halt)
Day 5 - Trek to Phurkia (10 Miles-night halt)
Day 6 - Trek to Pindari Glacier (4 Miles-camp near the glacier snout)
Day 7 - Trek to Dwali (4 Miles-night halt)
Day 8 - Trek to Kafni Glacier (9 miles-camp near the glacier snout)
Day 9 - Trek back to Dhakuri (12 miles-night halt)
Day 10 - Trek to Song and travel by car to Bageshwar (9 miles trek and 25 miles by car-night halt)
Day 11 - Travel to Delhi by car/train and transfer to hotel.

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