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Milam Glacier Trek

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Milam Glacier is situated near the Indo-Tibetian border in Pithoragarh district in the Kumaon region of the Indian Himalayas. The trek route passes through the Gouri-Ganga valley. The river Gouri-Ganga originates from the snout of the Milam Glacier and flows through the gorge between the Trishul and Hardeol peaks. Some of the highest and most beautiful snow-covered peaks like the Nandadevi, Trishul, and Hardeol can be viewed enroute to Milam Glacier.

The best time to trek in this region is between the middle of May and the end of June, and from the middle of September to the end of October.

Tour Schedule :
Day 1 - Arrival at Delhi and transfer to hotel (Night halt)
Day 2 - Travel to Munshiyari by car (Night halt)
Day 3 - Trek to Lilam (7 miles from Munshiyari and night halt)
Day 4 - Trek to Bugdyar (10 miles- night halt).
Day 5 - Trek to Reilkot (7 miles- night halt)
Day 6 - Trek to Milam village (9 miles- night halt).
Day 7 - Trek to Milam glacier and back to Reilkot (12 miles- night halt)
Day 8 - Trek to Bugdyar (7 miles- night halt).
Day 9 - Trek back to Lilam (10 miles- night halt).
Day 10 - Trek to Munshiyari (7 miles- night halt).
Day 11 - Travel to Delhi by car and transfer to hotel.

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