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Trek grading

The grading system should be taken as a guide only. Please remember that you should judge your own fitness, ability, mental and physical stamina. Also bear in mind that a few of the treks we conduct are in medium to high altitude environments and that the grade can change dramatically depending upon how well you adapt. We will always keep you informed if a particular trek will be entering areas where altitude will be a factor.

Please bear in mind that most treks are always long, hard and taxing. That is the nature of all the treks in the Himalayas. We never rush through the program; the experience is what it is all about. To help you select a trek we have given each trek a grade: Easy, Moderate and Strenuous.

To help you choose which trek is best for you please contact us for further information.

EASY: Walking on good trails with gentle slopes- Usually 4 to 6 hours walking a day, with the occasional steep path. A walking holiday with plenty of cultural interest and interaction with local people. Varied and fun - this is suitable for most people in good health. The altitudes will generally not exceed 11000 ft with days designed to allow you time for wildlife watching, sightseeing and appreciating the beauty of the valleys and mountains.

MODERATE: Most of the treks we offer fall in this category. These treks mostly passes through remote country with usually 6 to 7 hours of walking a day, but not more than 5 days consecutive walking. Relatively low-altitude treks, crossing passes not more than 14,000 ft high. A reasonable level of fitness is required with the confidence to cope with some longer, more difficult days.

STRENUOUS: These are challenging long distance treks for the fit enthusiast. Occasionally more than 7 days consecutive walking through wild country, including high passes (sometimes snow-covered) between 12,000 ft and 16,000 ft. Going up to this kind of height is demanding on the body. A good level of fitness and confidence in high altitude walking is desirable to enjoy these treks. All treks falling in this category have rest days interspersed.

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