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Customers' comments

Some of our customers below have offered to directly convey their opinion of their trip experience to potential customers via email.

I would like to compliment you in the way the Sandakphu-Phalut trek was beautifully organized. Right from the time we landed in NJP till the time we finished our trek& went to our respective destinations we were very well taken care of by your deputy Mingma Sherpa. Everything went off smoothly as planned. The food, transportation and accommodation was excellent. Even though we made some last minute changes in our plans ,there was no problem what so ever from your side.
I along with my group would like to thank you for making our trek very enjoyable.                                                                                   -
Dr. C. Athalye (Pune): October, 2009

As I said in my last email, the trek was and has maintained to be the highlight of the whole trip for all of us. We were all very happy with the organization and logistics of it all. Suri was absolutely professional throughout; constantly making sure we were comfortable, that we had what we needed and doing his best to make sure we had a good time. The cooking was also fantastic all things considering.
The scenery was the most amazing and beautiful I think I have ever seen. We all found going up the ascents incredibly hard work (next time i think I'll do some training beforehand too) but it was very worth it and much better than I had expected.
So thank you again for arranging everything. Trekking the Himalayas is something I would definitely do again and would recommend it to anyone. Hopefully I'll be able to email you again soon to arrange another one.                                                                              - Ally Colquhoun (UK), Mark (Australia), Mathieu (France) : October, 2009                                                                            

One month of traveling through India leaves many memories and unforgettable experiences. The Sandakphu trek has turned out to be the best one of our holiday. Everything was so well organized that let us enjoy every moment and relax from morning to evening during the whole trek. The wonderful nature and the professionalism of s2stours staff were the best combination to make us feel happy, lucky, and treated as real queens!
- Jacinta/Ludi/Rosalía/María (Canary Islands, Spain) : November, 2008

[ Un mes viajando por la India deja muchos recuerdos y experiencias inolvidables. El trek de Sandakphu ha resultado ser lo mejor de nuestras vacaciones. Al estar todo tan bien organizado pudimos disfrutar cada momento y relajarnos por completo de la mañana a la noche durante todo el trek. Las maravillas de la naturaleza y la profesionalidad del personal de s2stours resultaron una combinación perfecta que nos hizo sentir felices, afortunadas y, muy especialmente, tratadas como auténticas reinas!
- Jacinta/Ludi/Rosalía/ María (Islas Canarias, España) ]

Once again thank you for a wonderful holiday. It was truly a memorable experience, one which will last Joseph a lifetime and the second half of mine. We have already had great fun, recounting our adventures to our friends and relatives.
You and your team went to extra-ordinary lengths to make the trek unforgettable, and we enjoyed every minute. Your company really understands the meaning of customer service. We would be happy to recommend your services to any new clients, and wish Summit to Sea, all the best in their future endeavors.
Your very satisfied customer & friend.
- C. Robinson of Yorkshire, UK, trekking in Sandakphu with his nine year-old son, Joseph.

The Sandakphu trek is a must for any trekker in the Indian Himalayas, it gives you a very real glimpse of the terrain, people and scenery. A very good view of Kanchenjunga and the other mighty peaks of the Himalayas including Makalu and Everest on a clear morning. The trek route is very well indicated and the trekkers huts are exceptionally clean and comfortable and the people who offer these trekkers lodging are very hospitable too.
A great trek to do before going to higher altitudes. The guide, a quiet professional who does not batter you with information especially when trekking in the Himalayas are moments of deep introspection so the person who guides you, a calm professional, who caters to you and makes things go according to the schedule, allows the trekker to enjoy the trek on different levels. I encourage anyone who wants to trek in the Himalayas to start with this trek.
- R. Jacob, Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France

Summit to Sea Tours provides wonderful services and hassle free holiday. All our needs are catered for and we just have to relax and enjoy our holiday. Clean accommodation and fantastic food are provided during the tour. Honest and reliable guides are provided to make our holiday more enjoyable.
- L. H. Hwee, Singapore

I'll rate the two treks (Sandakphu and Goechala) on the whole technical difficulty is medium. Summit to Sea treated us like kings and for those who want to trek but still in comfort zone should join this tour. Summit to Sea cater to your every needs, something that most Companies don't provide. Reliable and honest, can always email me in Singapore.
- S. S. Huang, Singapore

I thoroughly enjoyed the trek through Sandakphu. Food lodging and especially the trails were a great experience. I would recommend however, that potential trekkers take note that one leg is 21km long, with steep terrain at the end. Alternatively, one could request that this leg be broken into two segments.
- J. Young, Singapore 

Summit to Sea arranged a superb trek. Well organized and with attentive service from their representative at all times.
- M. Dickson, Hampton, U.K. 

I would like to thank Summit to Sea Tours for their great service during my stay in India. Very well organized and definitely trust worthy. Thanks to Summit to Sea Tours, I had a fantastic time. They made my vacation into an incredible and unforgettable one. Next time round, I will book through you.
- A. Yamini, Madrid, Spain

During my month-long trip to India, the team at Summit to Sea Tours proved themselves to be the epitome of excellence and professionalism in every respect. From leading a wonderful Himalayan trek, to making the necessary provisions and adjustments for an unforeseen sickness, to organizing excellent sightseeing in numerous cities, I could not have asked for a better experience. Summit to Sea Tours consistently provides the extra personal touch and attention to detail that makes the difference between an average and an exceptional holiday. I greatly look forward planning my next visit to India in conjunction with Summit to Sea Tours.
- M. Stein, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

The trip was organized well with the organizers meeting the participants in Delhi rather than just fixing a meeting point in Uttarkashi or elsewhere, which does help to show the interest level and well being of the participants. The trek was a very successful one with good food and no unforeseen negative happenings, which generally ruin very well organized treks. The cook and the porters were of very great help with encouragement and care. Wishing you all the best in your budding enterprise.
- R. Jacob, France & S. Venkattan, Bangalore, Karnataka

Traveling with S2S was really a great pleasure. Their careful attention towards individual needs made the trip very enjoyable. They had planned the itinerary very well so that we did not miss any interesting spot. Looking to many more trips with them in the future.
- S. Gangopadhyay - eminent artist, Kolkata, India

They spared no effort to make our tour comfortable and enjoyable in every way. Their services were further extended to cover many smaller needs that normally arise in the course of traveling in a foreign country.
- Prof. L. Chatterjee & Prof. T. Laxmanan, Boston, U.S.A.

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