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Newsletter: June, 2006

Himalayan Alpine flower treks: During April-May and August-September every year, a great variety of Alpine flowers are in bloom in the Himalayas. Nature enthusiasts will be enchanted to come across such gorgeous flora on many of the routes.  One such trek route is the Sandakphu-Phalut trek in the eastern Himalayas. This year we conducted four treks to Sandakphu during April-May where our customers had a wonderful time. A photo of these colorful flowers can be seen at http://summittoseatours.com/images/tours/Alpine_flowers_big.jpg  


Never too Young to Trek! On one of our Sandakphu treks, we had a very young member in our midst.  The group from UK consisted of a father and his nine year-old son.  We took extra care to ensure a great experience for him.  He showed great enthusiasm, determination, and tenacity in overcoming the rigors of the trek. Pictures are at http://summittoseatours.com/Sandakphu_photos_2.html


Family treks: This year we are highlighting treks that are suitable for the whole family which are easy, irrespective of the age of the members. We have had members as young as 6 years as well as seniors of age 65.  There are moderate altitude trek routes starting from the Garhwal to the eastern part of the Himalayas that are accessible to members of any age.  

The Garhwals have picturesque trek routes like the Har-ki-dun and Dodital which are ideal for family treks.  The moderate Sandakphu trek mentioned earlier is also one such trek.  This route passes through beautiful landscape and small Himalayan villages.  In these entire treks one can get to know the local culture of these places and taste their unique food.  Accommodation is mostly in small trekker’s hut along the route.  For more information please contact us.  A typical itinerary for this trek can be viewed at http://summittoseatours.com/sandakfu.html


Heritage tours:  We have introduced heritage tour packages for viewing historical temples and places in the Eastern and Western regions of India.  It is a great educational and aesthetic experience to visit these ancient cultural and religious monuments.  We would customize these trips to of the length of your vacation and your budget.  For more details please click http://summittoseatours.com/Heritage.html


Mountain biking: We also have started offering packages for mountain biking. Currently, we expect customers to bring their own bicycle.  We will provide automobile back-up, accommodation, food and other necessary equipment.  For more details on the route, itinerary and package price, please contact us.


Coming programs in second half of 2006:  We will be delighted to help you design your own dream trip or trek for this year and the next.  We have exciting treks coming up in the second half of 2006.  The best time to trek is between middle of September to middle of November.  A few of the routes are open even in December! The scheduled trek periods range from two to eight days, and more treks are planned as our schedule firms up.  We also have schedules for chauffeured road-trips in vans or sport-utility vehicles along heritage sites like the Golden triangle (Agra-Jaipur-Delhi) and ancient temples in eastern India.  To see the dates of the scheduled treks and tours, please click http://summittoseatours.com/Programs.html

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